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Mimei Sakamoto was born in Yokohama (Kanagawa Prefecture) on 21st October, 1965. After graduating from the prefectural Atsugi high school and Tamagawa University, she began as a manga artist after working as an office lady 'OL' and housewife. She gathered much attention as a “Queen of Lady’s comics”. After that, she expanded her work horizon by writing essays, reportages, novels, and becoming a TV and press commentator. But in 2006 she found to be suffering from many types of collagen disease which are incurable and difficult diseases and they could cause physical limitation. At that time, doctors said she might die in 5 years. But she never gave up, she started her career as a singer, because she thought she could continue to express herself as a singer, even if her physical situation became worse and letting her unable to move her arms and legs. At last, in 2009, she made her début as recording singer with “人生 (Life) ~INOCHI~’’ (Rambling Record). She then performed as a club singer monthly in Ginza BARBRA. In 2012 and 2013, she served as the official navigator for the opening ceremony of the Shogi’s masterpiece game. In 2013, she introduced ‘Birei’, a bridal costume as a kimono designer. Further, she released two packages of music albums as a jazz singer and Japanese pops singer in 2012 and 2013. Because the disease got worse, Mimei Sakamoto became unable to move a glass of water. At the same time, she found to be suffering from Asperger syndromes, and bipolarity. Her psychological situation became worse, too. But in the solitude of her bed in hospital, she tried to change her mind by recognizing the character of her disease and brain type, struggling to overwhelm her born character which was antisocial. In 2012~2015, she stopped almost all of her activities in media But she re-started her expressions as an artist of copper print. In 2015, when she could move again her fingers, she started making copper plate prints and drawing pictures. In March, 2016, at Nihonbashi Shinobazu Gallery, was held the exhibition of Masuo Ikeda (Famous artist) and three Venuses’, including works of Mimei Sakamoto. In April, 2016, she was awarded Special Prize at Belladonna Art Exhibition for the portrait of Naomi Kawashima (Famous actress). In January, 2017, she made a successful début as a painter, holding a solo exhibition at Galerie Yoshii in Ginza, a very famous and prestigious gallery in Japan. At the same time, Mimei Sakamoto held a charity concert, too, for both the orphans of the earthquakes and tsunami in east area of Japan in 2011 and the victims of the abduction of Japanese citizens by North Korea, with her musician friends in the Rose room of the Suntory Hall. She sang the original song “Blue Legend” made with composer & pianist Seiji Endo in front of audience for the first time. In 2017, she began as a commercial photographer, too, by taking photos of brides as official one for Nogi-Kaikan. Her works is shown on a big advertisement board Finally, on 11th March, 2017, she sang the song “Blue Legend” with The orchestre shimfonica G.ROSSINI in Santa Maria Maggiore, in front of more than 1,000 people in bell canto, praying for the rescue of the victims. By making this video, she is trying to launch a movement, asking to everyone to share this video with as many people as possible, to spread the waves of aide for the victims of abduction worldwide. As an New type Mix Media artist, using all kind of arts, trying to collaborate with every kind of medias, her activity is now surpassing the border of the country and going worldwide, and she continues to try to send messages of love and pursues her fray for people in difficulties.


100,000 copies of “BIJIN KAKUMEI (Beauty Revolution)” (Daiwa Publishing) were published, making it her a masterpiece. “KAMISAMA WA IJIWARU (God is merciless)” (Bungei shunju publishing). 2009 : “Girls' Price” (Shogakkan). 2013 : release of a photo essay “SHOW CASE” (MIMEIDIA) by being her own publisher, writing about her own half-life and marriage. 2014 : issue of a book titled “I had a Negative Developmental Disorder” (PHP publisher), while being hospitalised at the same time, due to the deterioration of the disease. The book is published many times.


“Nippon no Mimei(The dawn of Japan)”(Fusosha), a manga criticizing society, made her famous. After that, she got a one page big series of critic manga “Urei chan no Oshiete please! (Urei-chan asks : teach me please!)”in Sankei News paper. She wrote a manga for children, “Non, non, Non-chan” (Kodansha) (2009) and a manga for study, “Manga/Greek myth”and “Manga/Jung, the structure of the deepest psychology” (both with Kodansha). They are translated in Korean. And her big work, History in Manga “Manga Roman Empire 1 - 3” (Kodansha), published in 2008 was also translated in Italy.After a long silence due to illness, she published “Okusama Wa Hattatsu Shogai (His wife has a developmental disorder)” issued in January, 2016 (Kodansha). It was popular mainly among people who suffer from development disorders & among their family, and it continues to be reprinted. Events and media coverage continue.


In music CD, 2009 saw the début single with “人生~Inochi (the life)”(rumbling records), followed by the release of the first jazz album “La magie de I’amour” (24 JAZZ JAPAN), in 2012, produced by Mr. Makoto Kuriya. In May 2013, produced by Mr. Tsugutoshi Goto, she released original pop album “Blue Legend” with Sakamoto's own lyrics. And another version of “Blue legend” was made with a pianist & composer Seiji Endo, too. New one is announced as a theme song for the charity concert for the orphans of the earthquakes and for the victims of the abduction, at Suntory Hall .Including second “Blue legend” and “hana”, both are made with Seiji Endo, a small C.D titled “Messages” is released from her own society, Mimeidia. And this song is the one sang in Santa Maria Maggiore. As President and Representative Director of creator group “MIMEIDIA Corporation, she is now preparing her second jazz album Moulin Rouge”, featuring the songs of Michel Legrand. And for this album, she recorded two duet songs in Paris with Benjamin Legrand, son of Michel Legrand, in 2017.

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